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BECA LearnKey Advantage Office Training


Every working day in Australia, businesses are throwing money by wasting the most non-reusable resource - time.

The average Australian spends an average five (5) hours a day working on a computer. Microsoft® Office is used by 96% of computer users.  Most people use only 20% of the functionality in Office software.  It doesn't come as a surprise that the most common software features used are:

  • Copy
  • Save
  • Cut
  • Paste
  • And Undo

However, it’s all those other features.  The more complicated ones.  Things like knowing how to do a mail merge, use Macros or do pivot tables that can make a difference in the documents we create, our efficiency and productivity and ultimately The Bottom Line. 

One study shows that with training you can have an increase in productivity of up to 19%.  That’s almost one day a week.  If you are working for yourself, wouldn’t it be great to have that much extra time?  If you have employees, can you imagine the increase in productivity of your business?

Now with the BECA LearnKey Advantage you can get yourself and/or your staff trained for as little as $33 a month. 

•        You choose the courses you want to learn.

•        You get real expert instructors teaching theory and demonstrating skills with measurable outcomes.

•        You design the program to suit your training needs and timeframe.

The BECA LearnKey Advantage gives you all the training you need for as little as $99*.



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*per month based on minimum three month subscription. Terms and conditions apply.