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Business Planning Made Easy CD Survey

In 2004 BEC Australia Inc. along with Rentons and our sponsor Westpac Business Banking released the Business Planning Made Easy CD to assist you in creating a comprehensive business plan. We now seek your feedback on the CD which will enable us to consider any future upgrades.

We would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the following short survey and give us your impressions.

Thank you for your assistance.

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 24 or under
 25 to 34
 35 to 44
 45 or over

What industry are you interested / involved in?

Was the information on the CD...

 Helpful to you start up business
 Helpful to your existing business
 Useful tool to train others

Were the templates on the CD...(check all that apply)

 Easy to use
 Easy to understand
 Useful for your needs

Were you able to create a successful business plan from the CD?

 Have not completed yet

Please provide your comments on the value of the Business Planning Made Easy CD

Since using the Business Planning Made Easy CD, have you...

 Started a new business
 Bought an existing business
 Improved your current business
 None of the above

Have your received/applied for finance from Westpac?

 Have not sought finance yet

Did you access the Westpac website from the CD?


What is the most important factor in choosing a bank for your business?

 Branch location
 An existing relationship with a bank
 Recommendation from peer
 Product choice
 Fees and charges

Were Westpac able to meet your financial requirements?


Are you happy to receive further information from Westpac Business Banking?


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