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BECs have a long history...

Business Enterprise Centres started in New South Wales as an initiative of Mr. Tom Cappie-Wood who was the president of Sydney Rotary. The establishment of Business in the Community (later renamed Business Enterprise Centres (NSW) Ltd) was his President’s project in 1985.

He researched Business in the Community in the UK and decided that this would be a worthwhile project for his year as President of Sydney Rotary. Together with other Rotarians from Sydney Rotary and community members he realised his idea and Business in the Community came to fruition and with it the first BEC at Surry Hills.

Due to the initial success of the Workventures at Surry Hills, Fairfield Community Advice Centre, The Newcastle Enterprise Agency and the Albury Wodonga Small Business Centre were established as the embryo Network.

Further centres were established around Australia by individuals who followed the BEC formula and some are attributed to particular people who were driving forces in their states. In 1991 after a meeting in Penrith all agencies across Australia voted to change their name to Business Enterprise Centres with each State having a State Body.

In February 1999, the Association BEC Australia Incorporated was formed, with the sole purpose of supporting the national network of BECs. In recent times, BEC Australia has undergone a restructure with a majority of State Bodies abolished & all BEC’s becoming individual members of the Association.

This was the defining point of the national network with key strategic alliances being formed, and recent Federal Funding obtained for selected BECs, with the aim of having this funding rolled out across all members of the network in the coming years.